Update Timeline

All updates from the past, included within the same major release.

09 August 2023

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.1.3

cName support, bug fixes and security updates.

16 April 2023

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.1.2

New Multi Server installation wizard, native apps are back, code cleanup, libary updates, bug fixes and performance improvements.

26 January 2023

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.1.1

OAuth2 Email Sending, New Database Class, PHP 8.2 Ready, Bug fixes and performance improvements.

07 November 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.1

New installation wizard, license handler update, all known and reported bugs fixed plus many more improvements.

27 September 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.6

New options for your clients, performance improvements and bug fixes.

10 July 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.5

Performance improvements by factor 4, all known and found bugs and issues fixed.

19 April 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.4

PHPMailer upgrade to Version 6, wildcard domain improvements. General bug fixes and performance improvements.

01 March 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.3

We have spent a lot of time to go through each page and test and break things. Bug fixes and perfomance improvements is the result.

25 January 2022

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.2

Filter wildcard and user keywords on signup. Filter support tickets by operator. PHP 8.1 ready and all known and reported bugs fixed.

10 December 2021

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0.1

A couple of new features and all known and reported bugs have been fixed. Performance improvements.

01 December 2021

Cloud Desk 3 - 2.0

Cloud Desk 3 has grown biiiig. Wild Card Sub Domains are now possible and with a brand new live chat technology including a modern design we are up to the next level.

04 July 2021

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.2.1

All reported bugs have been fixed. Performance improvements.

28 June 2021

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.2

A new era for Cloud Desk 3 has begun. Get the best SaaS fully support and live chat platform to start your own business.

03 December 2020

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.1.2

Improved attachments and Email to Ticket, better sound notifications and all known bugs have been fixed.

10 September 2020

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.1.1

All known and reported bugs fixed. SameSite Cookie improvements and more options in the administration panel.

10 August 2020

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.1

Easy translation, group chat, ajax support tickets, improved operator design, better logging and so much more...

06 May 2020

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.8

Safari fix in cross browser scenario, library updates, improved drag and drop upload, code and performance improvements.

05 March 2020

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.7

Ready for the brand new iOS and Android Apps. Speed improvements, file optimisations and bug fixes. Better and faster.

01 Dezember 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.6

New template with no avatars, operator can now choose to have the menu minified or extended, improved chat widget and al reported bugs have been fixed.

31 October 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.5

Improved chat widget behaviour, attachments are now pulled in from emails on none standard email clients, fixed various bugs.

17 August 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.4

We have added a feature to reset the business hours, updated all libraries, removed an XSS security hole in the installation wizard and fixed all reported and found bugs.

16 June 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.3

Improved speed and fixed all reported bugs. PHP IMAP improvements with attachement import, 2Checkout payment gateway fixed as well.

21 April 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.1

Now available 2Checkout as a new payment gateway for the site owner and your clients, ready for the new HelpDesk native Android/iOS app. We have also updated to the latest jQuery version and fixed some bugs.

10 March 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0.1

We have integrated a new feature "Merge Tickets", updated Bootstrap 4 and fixed some bugs.

23 January 2019

Cloud Desk 3 - 1.0 - Final

Cloud Dek 3 - Final is now available. After many Month of developing and testing we are proud to release the most complete and professional SaaS Support Solution.

28 October 2018

Cloud Desk 3 - 0.9 - Demo

Demo is now available, let us know what you think about CD3. Purchase will be available soon.